MOVITRANS® for automated guided vehicle system

  • Various installation options for MOVITRANS® components in conjunction with automated guided vehicles

With the help of the MOVITRANS® inductive energy supply, automated guided vehicles can be supplied with energy without contact while using the magnetic field of the line conductors for navigation. The energy is absorbed without wear and tear, either selectively at a standstill or while driving along energy-supplied routes. The interplay of stationary and mobile components enables the transport vehicles to travel safely and purposefully.

MOVITRANS® components and their functions:

With the help of the MOVITRANS® TDM90E pick-up, the automated guided vehicle is supplied with energy without contact. Both while driving and when stationary, the energy is transferred from a stationary line conductor to an energy storage unit.

With the TDM80E pick-up, the automated guidedvehicle takes up energy at a defined charging station without contact.

The decentralized supply unit connected to the power supply system supplies the stationary MOVITRANS® components with energy locally and can be installed without an additional control cabinet. The compact power supply is the energy source for the line conductor (inductive line charging) and the field plate (inductive point charging).

The inductive energy supply along a line can be provided in different ways. Choose between the round and wedge-shaped conductors for installation in or on the ground in field plates, which allow to install convertible surfaces for energy supply without any ground contact.

The field plate TFS supplies the TDM80E inductive pick-up with power without contact. The energy absorption into the driverless transport vehicle is done selectively when the vehicle is at a standstill. The field plate can be installed both in the ground and in laying plates.

Your benefits

  • Loading during operation

    by driving along or waiting on a route supplied by MOVITRANS®. Sufficient energy can be absorbed even at high driving speeds.
  • Wear and maintenance-free travel

    due to the contactless inductive energy transfer as there is no ground contact.
  • High availability

    as there is no influence from a dirty environment compared to conventional charging contacts.
  • High ground clearance

    through the air gap between line conductor and transformer head. This allows high power to be transmitted and at the same time provides sufficient ground clearance for the vehicles.

Installation types for your system

Routing in the floor

Ground work is required to implement a MOVITRANS® system in the ground. Depending on your needs and the application, the optimum loading strategy and thus also the associated execution of the ground work will differ.

MOVITRANS® components with automated guided vehicles and various installation types of inductive energy supply
Line cables laid in the floor with grouting

Round or wedge conductors installation with grouting. With this type of laying, the line conductors are placed in grooves along the route and these are sealed with a grouting compound.

Line conductor laid open in the floor

The open installation is always carried out in combination with the wedge wire. With this type of laying, recesses are cut into the floor along the route and the wedge-shaped conductor is inserted into the recess.

Field plate laid in the floor

The TFS10A field plate is used for point inductive power supply. With this installation method, a cylindrical cut-out is taken from the floor and the field plate is inserted into the floor in connection with a mounting frame.

Installation at installation level

Pre-defined and standardized installation panels made of high-quality PVC are laid on the floor. Under normal loads, floating installation of the installation plates with gluing of the surrounding ramp elements is sufficient. Due to the material composition of the installation plates, they are slip-resistant, impact and shock-resistant, flame-retardant and resistant to oils, greases and a variety of alkalis.

MOVITRANS® components with automated guided vehicles and various installation types of inductive energy supply
Wedge cables laid at installation level

The wedge cable is simply inserted into the recesses of the previously installed installation plate system.

 Field plate integrated in installation level

The field plate TFS50A is integrated into a round recess of an installation plate.

Load transfer station with field plate

Standardized load transfer station with integrated loading electronics for pallet transport.

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Factory automation is a part of automation technology. It gains more and more importance as Industry 4.0 keeps progressing.
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Factory automation is a part of automation technology. It gains more and more importance as Industry 4.0 keeps progressing.

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