General Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to deliveries from SEW-EURODRIVE AS.

Payment terms:

• Invoices are due for payment 20 days after the invoice date.

• 1% interest is calculated per month after maturity for non-payment.

Terms for delivery:

• FCA Moss, Incoterms 2010.

Price conditions:

• Prices are offered excluding VAT, freight and packaging.


• Payment terms are offered on the condition that SEW’s requirements for creditworthiness are met.


• 12 months after delivery from factory.

Conditions for delivery:

• General delivery conditions NL17.

Export Restrictions / sanctions

The delivery and/or service described supplied by SEW/NO may be subject to export control regulations stipulated by Norwegian, European, or US American law, for example due to the type or intended use, or final destination of the delivery and/or service. This means each order applies subject to the fact that the delivery/service is not prohibited under these regulations and that approvals, authorizations or permissions are given which SEW requires for fulfilling the contract.

Terms and Conditions of Delivery (Norway):