MOVI-C® modulbasert automatiseringssystem

MOVI-C®, the modular automation system for all-in-one solutions from a single source

MOVI-C® is the all-in-one solution for automation tasks. Whether you want to implement standards-based single-axis or multi-axis applications, particularly complex motion control applications or customized automation solutions, MOVI-C® can help you do all that and give you the scope to achieve optimum automation for new projects.

Your benefits: MOVI-C® is the all-in-one modular automation system from SEW EURODRIVE. This end-to-end solution from a single manufacturer covers all your needs – planning, commissioning, operation and diagnostics software, electronic control and monitoring devices, mechanical drives and gearmotors. There is only one place you have to go to for all the automation components you need. Naturally, all components can be fully integrated into all automation concepts, fieldbus topologies and network standards. You have complete freedom when it comes to the communication topology, as MOVI-C® harnesses all communication advantages – from PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet to Modbus and, in the future, OPC UA.

MOVI-C® offers automation and a whole range of benefits from a single source – specifically, a company that is both an automation specialist and a manufacturer.

Four modules – one solution: Complete automation from a single source

MOVI-C®, the modular automation system for all-in-one solutions from a single source

MOVISUITE® programvareteknikk

Spar tid og reduser kostnader

Raskere og enklere planlegging, oppstart, drift og diagnostikk for drivteknologi, samt brukervennlig programvare.

Besparelse med MOVISUITE®

MOVI-C® – the all-rounder for any topology

1) Topology for single-axis automation

Typical application: Materials transportation (single-axis automation)

Applikasjonsomformeren MOVIDRIVE® er koblet direkte med en overordnet styringsenhet via feltbuss grensesnitt. MOVIKIT®, forhåndsdefinerte applikasjonsmoduler blir brukt for å implementere funksjoner raskt og pålitelig ved hjelp av grafisk redigering. Hver akse styres individuellt. Et minnekort i applikasjonsomformeren MOVIDRIVE® brukes til datahåndtering.

Motors, inverters, communication and power supply

2) Motion control

Bruksområder: Heiser, mekaniske stativer, roboter (MOTION-CONTROL)

Applikasjonsomformeren MOVIDRIVE® modular og MOVIDRIVE® system er tilkoblet MOVI-C® CONTROLLER via EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS i real-time. MOVI-C® CONTROLLER mottar settpunkter fra overordnet styringsenheten via feltbus for en-akse bevegelser eller koordinerte bevegelser. MOVI-C® CONTROLLER avgjør settpunktene for den tilkoblede applikasjonsomformeren og utfører på denne måten oppgaver, som fasesynkronisering, cam -funksjon, eller kinematikk.

MOVIKIT®, forhåndsdefinerte applikasjonsmoduler er brukt til å implementere funksjonen for bevegelsesstyring raskt og pålitelig ved hjelp av grafiske redigerere. Mer enn 50 kinematiske modeller er tilgjengelige og dekker et stort antall mekaniske arrangementer. SEW-EURODRIVE lager kinematiske modeller på forespørsel. Minnekortet i MOVI-C® CONTROLLER brukes til datahåndtering.

Gearmotors, inverters, axis modules, power supply and communication

3) Modul automatisering

Bruksområder: Pakkemaskiner, prosessmaskiner, komplekse transportbaner (modul automatisering)

Alle funksjonene til MOTION CONTROL er tilgjengelige i modulautomatiseringstopologien. I tillegg til de grafiske redigererene for funksjonene kan noen eller alle automatiseringsoppgaver på overordnet styring implementeres enkelt og fleksibelt ved hjelp av programmeringssytemet (IEC 61131) i MOVI-C® CONTROLLER. Eventuelle EtherCAT® enheter kan integreres for automatiseringsformål i tillegg til applikasjonsomformeren MOVIDRIVE®.

The CiA402 profile for controlling inverters has established itself in plants with highly specific motion control applications that are calculated in the higher-level master controller. To support control via CiA402, the application inverter MOVIDRIVE® modular, MOVIDRIVE® system and the mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR® performance and MOVIMOT® flexible can be connected directly to the controller via the integrated EtherCAT® interface. This means integration into the higher-level controller can be achieved particularly quickly and easily, and does not require extensive conversion work. More sophisticated safety functions can be triggered via FSoE directly from the safety control system.

Gearmotors, inverters, axis modules, power supply and communication

4) EtherCAT® motion slave

Bruksområder: maskiner med flere akser, kinematisk beregning i overordnet PLC (EtherCAT® motion slave)

CiA402 profilen for styring av omformere har etablert seg i anlegg med svært individuelle MOTION CONTROL funskjoner som beregnes i overordnet styring.(PLC). For styring via CiA402, kan applikasjonsomformeren MOVIDRIVE® modular og MOVIDRIVE® system kobles direkte til styringen ved hjelp av det integrerte EtherCAT® grensesnittet. Dette betyr at integrering i styringen på overordnet nivå er spesiellt rask, enkel og uten omfattende konverteringsinnsats.

Gearmotors, inverters, axis modules, power supply and communication

In all topologies, the higher-level master controller uses safe communication to activate safety functions that are executed in the MOVISAFE® CS..A safety card in the application inverter, in the mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR® perfomance and in the MOVIMOT® flexible.

MOVI-C® i bevegelse

Since its debut at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in November 2016, we have also captured the highlights of the new MOVI-C® modular automation system in moving pictures. Interested in finding out more? Then join us on a short journey into the future of automation.

  • MOVI-C® modular automation system drives rotor assembly system
    MOVI-C® modular automation system drives rotor assembly system

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    A rotor assembly system for servomotors was equipped with the components from the SEW EURODRIVE MOVI-C® modular automation system. Permanent magnets are automatically attached to rotors of synchronous servomotors.

  • Gingerbread packaging machine
    Gingerbread packaging machine

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MOVI-C®: Fremtidens automatisering
The new MOVI-C® modular automation system: integrated and complete - a brief introduction
MOVI-C® modular automation system

Laster video...

The new MOVI-C® modular automation system: integrated and complete - a brief introduction


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