Transaction overview

Transaction overview

Do you want clearly structured, fast and user-friendly monitoring and tracking of business transactions? The transaction overview provides a transparent overview of all business transactions which have taken place.

Overview of your business transactions
Overview of your business transactions

With the transaction overview from DriveBenefits you keep track of all your business transactions with SEW-EURODRIVE. The transaction overview allows you to track and check the status of all transactions (quotations, orders, submissions). Even business transactions made several years ago can be found easily and conveniently via our transaction overview.

Your transaction searches can also be made using reference data such as your material number, project number or project name, provided you have informed us of these. Downloading relevant documentation is also simple to do in the transaction overview. A range of sorting and filter options also allow you the option to show or hide table columns according to your individual requirements.

Additional transaction overview highlights: Original quotations and order receipts can be accessed easily with a single click. And in just a few steps you can create comprehensive documentation packages for entire projects. How? Select several transactions using a project reference and put these together to create the documentation.

The new ordering function also simplifies your ordering process. The convenient transaction search allows you to both place quotation items and orders made in the shopping cart and to order.

See for yourself what the transactions overview has to offer.

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Individually combine the DriveBenefits modules and gain an overall concept which will deliver for you.
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Individually combine the DriveBenefits modules and gain an overall concept which will deliver for you.

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