Secondary packaging

  • Secondary packaging process in the beverage industry

    Systems and requirements in secondary packaging vary considerably. Regardless of the demands placed on your drive technology, our systems adapt accordingly.

Returnable bottle systems handle bottles in crates. Disposable containers are often packaged in batches of six in shrink-wrapped packaging units. To ensure that processes run smoothly, we have carefully tailored our drive solutions to meet every possible requirement.

Your benefits

  • Energy savings of up to 50%

    Thanks to the decentralized installation of mechatronic drives that ensures high productivity while using energy efficiently.
  • Simple installation

    Thanks to decentralized SNI (Single Line Network Installation) technology, enabling fast system retrofitting without cable clutter.
  • Quick batch changes

    Through highly flexible, self-guided drive solutions that adapt quickly to changes in your production.
  • Resource-efficient high dynamics

    Through highly dynamic servo drives with low inertia for fast acceleration and gentle placing of bottles in crates.
  • Long maintenance intervals

    Thanks to robust and exceptionally long-lived and reliable drives as well as intelligent automation technology.

Steps in the secondary packaging process for beverages and liquids

Our solutions for your completely hygienic secondary packaging process

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