Production process

  • Production process in the beverage industry

    Hardly any other industry needs to cope with such rapid product changes or seasonal peaks. Our flexible drive technology can adapt to these changing requirements.

Changes in beverage type or bottle size, increased production for periods of hot weather: Beverage companies need to be able to react quickly to such changes. Our solutions reliably meet the high demands placed on drives.

Your benefits

  • Energy savings of up to 50%

    Thanks to mechatronic drives from efficiency class IE4, which is particularly energy efficient and reliable
  • Simple startup

    With our modular drive and automation technology from our modular system in which all components can be combined perfectly
  • Fast batch changes

    Thanks to highly flexible drive solutions that quickly adapt to changes in production
  • Easy to clean

    Thanks to smooth surfaces that repel dirt and germs, along with special surface protection against corrosion and aggressive agents

Process steps for production in the beverage industry

Our solutions for your efficient production processes in the beverage industry

Conveyor line

Connect processes in a reliable and efficient manner - even under changing circumstances

Irrespective of what your market currently requires, our intelligent and flexible drive solutions can quickly and perfectly adapt to this need. In the case of a batch change, they automatically support any adjustment of the necessary parameters. In the case of seasonal peak production, they respond to the relevant requirements with a high level of efficiency. Furthermore, in the case of brief outages involving individual machines, our automation expertise helps you to continue production without losing any time.

Rotary table/corner transfer unit

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