Supply of primary packaging: efficient drive solutions

  • Supply of primary packaging in the beverage industry

    Supply of primary packaging - perfect movement of various empties

    Irrespective of whether you use disposable packaging, reusable packaging, glass bottles or PET containers, our energy-efficient drive systems ensure the efficient supply of primary packaging for your bottling process.

Depending on the packaging, the beverage industry uses different systems and machines to sort, wash, and convey reusable goods as well as supply PET preforms and bottles. Our drive technology is a perfect match for all your needs.

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Process steps for the supply of primary packaging in the beverage industry

Our solutions for your efficient processes for the supply of primary packaging

Conveyor line

Depending on the liquid product, bottling systems are supplied with different types of primary packaging during the process. Irrespective of whether glass bottles are to be steadily transported along a conveyor belt until they reach their destination or whether PET bottles are swept along at high speed in the air flow, our reliable drives run quietly and without vibration. They are gentle on the material that you need to convey and do not cause your system operators any discomfort. In the event of a batch change, our drive solutions are so flexible that it takes only a short time to change over to other containers.

Standard gearmotors

Our modular system has a comprehensive range of standard gearmotors that are suitable for any application and requirement. Thanks to a special surface treatment, they can also be used in wet and hygienic areas.

MOVITRAC® LTE-B control cabinet inverter

Our MOVITRAC® LTE-B control cabinet inverter is the best and most cost-efficient solution for speed control in simple conveyor applications.

MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive unit

Gear units, motor, and electronics in a single, compact device with a high degree of efficiency: The drive unit reduces your installation costs and achieves energy savings of up to 50%. Depending on the requirements of the relevant process step, our MOVIGEAR® has an aseptic layer, a HygienePlus layer or a special high-protection layer HP200 that is resistant to acidic or caustic cleaning agents.

DRC.. electronic motor

Do you want flexibility in terms of freedom to choose your own gear units and mount them directly? If so, the permanently excited synchronous motor in efficiency class IE4 with integrated drive electronics is the best choice for you.

Decentralized MOVIFIT® FC standard inverter

Depending on the function level, the decentralized MOVIFIT® FC standard inverter can be used for both simple and challenging tasks. Furthermore, the inverter has an aseptic or HygienePlus layer for use in hygienic areas. A special high-protection layer HP200, which is resistant to acidic or caustic cleaning agents, is also possible.

Application solution: MAXOLUTION® package for conveyor lines

The various predefined solutions in the application package for conveyor lines make planning considerably easier for you because we have done the groundwork by combining compatible drive components and offering a functional warranty.

Rotary table/corner transfer unit

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